•Fixed-Rate: An electricity rate that is locked in for a period of time or term of the entire contract. This provides protection against price fluctuation over the term of the contract.
Commercial & Industrial Property Options

Electricity Plans Quantum Energy Solutions Offers

•Fully-Protected Natural Disaster & Pandemic Coverage: Lessons HURRICANE HARVEY & COVID-19 have taught us is to be prepared. Allow QES to ADD protection to your energy usage every month.    

•Index-Rate: A two-part program consisting of the index charge which fluctuates depending on natural gas prices and the fixed adder/government regulator fees.

•Standard Block & Index Rate: A rate used for large commercial and industrial customers who want to maximize their usage during On-Peak demand hours and Off-Peak demand hours.
Depending on the hours of operation. This plan will utilize high and low usage months during peak demand hours. Sending load back during ‘slower’ usage months and allowing for ample usage during ‘heavy’ demand months.
Residential Electricity:
Natural Gas:  Commercial & Industrial Properties.
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