ABOUT: Quantum Energy Solutions 

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Quantum Energy Solution was formed because WE know there is a better way to treat clients and assist YOU in real savings each month.
On average, Quantum Energy Solutions can reduce monthly electricity expenses by over 24%.
Depending on several variables, these variables can greatly increase or decrease your businesses energy charges.
When it comes to reducing overall COSTS, Quantum Energy Solutions believes it is better to know, than to not know.
Contact US TODAY and let us find out for YOU! 
(Not all clients see this same percentage savings. Some clients experience more savings & some experience less monthly savings.)



Quantum Energy Solution's knows every client is unique!

Quantum Energy Solution's developed a

"Five-Step Value Model" to focus on YOU, the CLIENT. 

Quantum Energy Solutions


five-step value model

First, Quantum Energy Solutions is in the business of building a relationship with each of our clients. We want to know you better to serve you best.

•Second, Quantum Energy Solutions has over 20 years of wholesale electricity market pricing and trading experience.

•Third, Quantum Energy Solutions uses our proprietary pricing formula to assist in our process before we speak with providers.

•Fourth, during the analysis portion we add our market intelligence to ensure the needs of each client are met.

•Fifth, we have built strong relationships with each of our electricity providers with more than two decades in the energy industry.